Current website and social media manager for: 

Women's Resource Center, University of Utah

Banners and Headshots for: 

The City of Millcreek, Utah 

Displayed at City of Millcreek, Promise Room

44 33 11 22

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CC_MAP Study, University of Utah

Division of Public Health in the School of Medicine

published online at

Rape Recovery Center 

Headshots and Group Images

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Video #1: What is the pelvic floor?

Video # 2: What changes happen in the pelvic floor after having a baby?

West Side Dance Media & Outreach Manager 18-19

Event Manager, Cinco de Mayo 2019 

Kaneko Gallery at American River College

Sacramento, California

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Photography Commission at Office for Student Equity, U of U and Diversity and Utah Museum of Fine Arts.

Community Mural Photography for Jessica Sabogal. Mural located at 700 W. North Temple. 
This same image has been published by Jessica Sabogal in many other locations around the world. 



In the news...

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Kaneko hosts exhibit that celebrates the power of femininity

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Women's Week at the U: Rape is Not Normal

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De-privileging Access to Resources: Working with Communities of Color in Utah

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